Using The Carer PRTL Tracker Website

Using The Carer PRTL Tracker Website

How to use Care Assistant Post Registration and Learning Records Tracker


 Register with Carers Training Tracker

  1. Find the Registration Form

    Click Register
  2. Complete the Registration Form

    Complete Registration Form
  3. Click Register at the bottom of the page.
    An email will be sent to your entered email address with a link to activate your account
  4. Check your email and click the activation link
  5. Once registered you can log in and click on My Account (Image in Step 1) if you are not in the "Member Section" already

    Member Section

 Complete your Social Care Council registration details

  1. Click "My SCC Registration" and complete the form

    Complete SCC Registration details

 Manage my Training and Learning activities

  1. Click "Manage my Training" to start adding you Post Registration Training and Learning Activities

    Training List
  2. Click the "add new" button at the bottom of the page to insert a record
    You can edit an existing record by clicking the relevant "edit" button

    Insert Record


 View and Print my Post Registration Learning and Training activities

  1. Click "My SCC Training Report"

    Training Report

  2. Click the PDF download button to download and print a copy of Your Post Registration Training and Learning activities

    First Page of the report shows your registration detail

    First Page of report

    The last page shows your total training and all you need to do is sign the page and submit to your social Care Council together with your renewal form.

    Report Last Page
Written by:  - Updated 30 Jan, 2017