Who and What is Social Care Council PRTL Tracker...?

As you are probably aware all people working in the Social Care sector needs to be registered by law with the Social Care Council in the area you are working in.

Carer PRTL (Post Registration Training and Learning) Tracker was developed by Fred Mac Donald, an independent web application developer and practising Social Care worker and is in now way associated with any of the Social Care Councils in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Our aim is simply to make a tool available to assist you with keeping track of your PRTL activities over the 5 year registration period.

Under the old registration period of 3 years, you were required to accumulate a minimum of 90 hours training and learning. As far as I know the requirements has not been changed.

That is a long time and keeping track of all the Training and Learning activities are near impossible.
Looking at the guidelines for Training and Learning Activities that can be recorded, any Social Care Worker should have 100's of entries recorded. Way to many to write down by hand on the Social Care Council renewal forms.

At the time of your renewal you simply download a pdf version of your summary and print it out in exactly the same  format as the renewal form.

So register your free account now and tell all your friends and co-workers about this useful tool.

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  • You make use of this website at your own risk and neither the developer or any of the Social Care Councils can be held liable if anything goes wrong.
  • We will not give, sell or make your personal information available to anyone.
    Keep in mind the Social Care Registers is publicly available.
  • We will never ask you for any personal information, including your SCC registration detail or Carer PRTL Tracker login details by email unless some request is initiated by you and we require the information.


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